Special Events Security Guards
Special Events Security Guards

Alarm Response

The benefits of having Advanced Protection Services respond to your alarm calls.

Are you tired of the 3:00 a.m. phone calls from an alarm company representative that requires you or an employee to put your personal safety at risk?

Are you tired of false alarms and the fines you may possibly receive?

Maybe you're a homeowner on vacation or away on business!

Would you like to sleep soundly knowing a highly trained professional will be immediately dispatched to any alarm call on your property?

At Advanced Protection Services, LLC our highly trained and experienced officers will be dispatched to your alarm calls in fully outfitted, marked patrol vehicles equipped with state of the art radio communications and lab top computer. Our officers will conduct a full building perimeter inspection checking for signs of forced entry, vandalism and trespassing on your property.

The mobile patrol is a low cost and effective way to secure your property while you are away from your business or residence. In addition, this patrol takes away the added risk of clients responding to alarms unarmed and unfamiliar with the potential dangers of burglary situations.

Advanced Protection Services provides:

  • Armed Alarm Response & Patrol Officers
  • Traffic Control Officers
  • Security Vehicle Escorts

Types of businesses include:

  • Commercial Alarms & Properties
  • Gated Communities & Apartments

Advanced Protection Services is a leading armed security guard company offering special event security guards, armed security guard patrol services with well-trained, security personnel serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tuscon, Yuma and Flagstaff, Arizona as well as Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Columbia, Greenville and Florence, South Carolina. Areas of service include residential, construction, high threat environments, commercial properties, hotels, special events, manufacturing, multi unit housing, industrial, officers, retail, public sector, critical infrastructure, financial institutions and entertainment.