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At Advanced Protection Services, LLC our strength is our people. We believe that proactive protection and situational awareness are important keys to meeting the needs of our clients in today's ever changing world. Our strategic goals are to identify and understand threats, assess vulnerabilities, and determine potential impacts to our clients.


Susan Unice
Founding Principal

Mark Unice
Chief Executive Officer
Email: munice@apsops.com

Command Staff SC

Captain Steve Abbott
Special Operations Commander
Email:  sabo@apsops.com

Paul Yurkin
Director of Overseas Operations
Email:  pyurkin@apsops.com


Daniel Gray
Co-Director of Training SC
Email:  dgray@apsops.com

Steve Abbott
Co-Director of Training SC
Email:  sabo@apsops.com

Ronald T. Poston
Co-Director of Training SC
Email: rposton@apsops.com

Our "Mission" is to provide expert protection and security services that always go above and beyond our client's expectations. Through training, leadership and adhering to a strict code of conduct, we provide an environment where our officers set the standard for protection and security services.
Our agencies command staff is comprised of a group of passionate goal-oriented individuals. They constantly strive to enhance team work, to encourage innovation through collaboration and to increase opportunities for the agency and their team's advancement. At Advanced Protection Services flexibility, teamwork, trust and information sharing is our cornerstone to build on for the future.
An Advanced Protection Officer acts as an official representative who is required and trusted to work within the law. The Officer's powers and duties are conferred by statute. The fundamental duties of the officer include serving the community, safeguarding lives and property, and protecting the innocent.

An Advanced Protection Officer shall perform all duties impartially, without favor of affection or ill will and without regard to status, sex, race, religion, political belief or aspiration. All citizens will be treated equally with courtesy, consideration and dignity.

An Advanced Protection Officer will never allow personal feelings, animosities or friendships to influence his or her conduct. Laws will be enforced appropriately and courteously and, in carrying out their responsibilities, officers will strive to obtain maximum cooperation from the public. They will conduct themselves in appearance and department in such a manner as to inspire confidence and respect for the position of trust they hold.

An Advanced Protection Officer will never employ unnecessary force or violence and will use only such forces in discharge of duty as is reasonable in all circumstances. The use of force should be used only after discussion, negotiation and persuasion have been found to be inappropriate or ineffective. While the use of force is occasionally unavoidable, every APS Officer will refrain from unnecessary infliction of pain or suffering and will never engage in cruel, degrading or inhuman treatment of any person. Whatever an APS Officer sees, hears or learns of that is of a confidential nature will be kept secret unless the performance of duty or legal provision requires otherwise. Members of the public have a right to security and privacy, and information obtained about them must not be improperly divulged.

An Advanced Protection Officer will not engage in acts of corruption or bribery, nor will an Officer condone such acts by other APS Officers. Advanced Protection Services demands that the integrity of APS Officers be above reproach. APS Officers must, therefore, avoid any conduct that might compromise integrity and that undercut the public confidence. APS Officers will refuse to accept any gifts, presents, subscriptions, favors, gratuities or promises that could be interpreted as seeking to cause the Officer to refrain from performing official responsibilities honestly and within the law. Advanced Protection Officers must not receive private or special advantage from the official status. Respect from the public cannot be bought; it can only be earned and cultivated.

Advanced Protection Services Officers will cooperate with all legally authorized agencies and their representatives in the pursuit of justice. It is imperative that an APS Officer assist Police fully and completely with respect and consideration at all times.

APS Officers will be responsible for their own standard of professional performance and will take every reasonable opportunity to enhance and improve their level of knowledge and competence.

Through study and experience, an APS Officer can acquire the high level of knowledge and competence that is essential for the efficient and effective performance of duty. The acquisition of knowledge is a never ending process of personal and professional development that should be pursued constantly.

Advanced Protection Services Officers will behave in a manner that does not bring discredit to their agencies or themselves. An APS Officer's character and conduct while off duty must always be exemplary, thus maintaining a position of respect in the community in which he or she lives and serves. The Officer's personal behavior must be beyond reproach.

August 2012 APS is currently contracted to begin ATM Escort Services in both South Carolina and Arizona.

August 2012 APS K-9 Program initiated first dogs are leaving Albany airport Tuesday  7th at 0643  flight 4957  Male (call sign) “RECON” arriving Myrtle Beach International Airport 1103 AM  pick up at ticket counter. Female (call sign) “ROXY” will be flying out of Burlington Friday 10th morning  flight number 4908   arriving at the beach 1105 AM   both have a layover in Newark and have been told not to talk to strangers.

August 2012 APS welcomes retired Vermont State Police K-9 Corps. Corporal Ed Hunter. In his thirteen years as canine handler, Officer Hunter has trained three canine teams and been awarded K9 Handler of the Year in 2000 and 2002 and Best Drug Team in 1999. Additionally, Officer Hunter served as an Adjunct Vermont State Police K9 Trainer, during which time he approved thirty other canine teams. He has located over 186 people in the Northshire area and his last dog, Xerxes, was elected to the Vermont Veterinarian Hall of Fame.

April 2012 APS becomes a Corporate Member of the NRA Business Alliance

Business Alliance Logos
March 6-7, 2012 APS command staff members attend The 2012 Border Security Expo at the Phoenix Convention Center, the event will focus on strategies and tools for border management, including: surveillance technologies, identification management, biometrics, bio hazard protection, UAVs, fencing, perimeter protection, access control, night vision systems, vehicles, interoperable communication systems, drug interdiction and other leading edge techniques. The conference will cover law enforcement’s role at the local, state, and national level, addressing key topics that attract high-level attendees.

January 2012 APS personnel worked with City of Myrtle Beach Police Street Crimes Unit this past week providing specific information regarding a possible shooting at a local business. The information they shared and the quick turn-around they did it in, assisted in allowing MBPD to deploy officers to the business to try to deter the activity along with their officers. This definitely is an example of how our partnership works and how important it is to communicate! Awesome Lt. Prock MBPD
January 2012 APS Patrol vehicles get new Gen II graphics

January 2011 APS becomes a member of the International Students Outreach Program implemented by Myrtle Beach Police and private companies. This initiative is focused on providing resources to our international students who come to work and live in the Grand Strand area for the summer season.

October 2011 APS is invited to attend regular meetings with The City of Myrtle Beach Police Department and other agencies. In an effort to increase communication among law enforcement and private security agencies MBP are hosting the meeting to discuss a program initiative that will focus on information sharing, networking and communication. These security meetings have become crucial in respect too information sharing and notifications like BOLO’s, ongoing criminal investigations and gang activity in the area.

November 2010 APS is invited by KC Poulin President/CEO of Critical Intervention Services to become an affiliate member of the KKP Security Group. KKP Security Group is an alliance of companies with diverse specializations in security and investigations. The KKP Security Group is founded on the philosophy that there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to an organization's security needs.

November, 2010 - Advanced Protection Services, LLC to air live commercial on Fox TV channel.

October 17, 2010 - Advanced Protection Services, LLC conducts security operations for a Rick Ross event at Tequila Empire, a nightclub in Myrtle Beach, SC. The event is the Welcome Back to School red carpet event with the Boss Rick Ross. The event was a huge success.

October/November, 2010 - Advanced Protection Services, LLC continues hiring armed officers in Arizona.

October, 2010 - Advanced Protection Services LLC acquires first contract.

September, 2010 - Advanced Protection Services, LLC becomes active business member of Ariziona Cattlemen's Association.

September 02, 2010 - Advanced Protection Services LLC becomes member of Shoreline Behavioral Health Services sponsored coalition to reduce DUI crashes and underage drinking in Horry County

March 31, 2010 - Advanced Protection Services LLC licensed to conduct security in Arizona. Operations will be based in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ area as Advanced Protection Services LLC expands its operations.

March 11, 2010 - Advanced Protection Services LLC begins security operations at Quail Marsh Apartments on Greens Blvd. in Myrtle Beach. Agency will provide armed protection officers conducting vehicle and foot patrol services throughout the community.

January 1, 2010 - Advanced Protection Services LLC officers at Club Groove on Broadway St. in Myrtle Beach called police to report while on patrol they came upon a man with a gun outside the club in the rear parking area. The armed man was standing next to a vehicle occupied by three additional male subjects. Those officers placed the four men in custody until members of Myrtle Beach Police and members of the Street Crimes Unit arrived on scene. A total of four handguns were inside the one subject's vehicle. Police said only one of the guns was properly stowed. Among the arrested are a teenager, two convicted felons and a 22-year-old with close to two dozen pending felony criminal charges.

September, 2009 - Advanced Protection Services LLC are contracted to provide armed officers after a fatal stabbing at the Afterdeck night club on North Kings Hwy in Myrtle Beach.

September, 2009 - After fatal shooting leaving one person died and another injured at the Willow Run Apartment complex on Greens Blvd in Myrtle Beach. Advanced Protection Services LLC begins security operations on the property. Agency will provide armed officers conducting vehicle and foot patrols throughout the community.

June, 10 2009 - The group "Take Back May" has launched a television advertising campaign which thanks Myrtle Beach city leaders for passing tougher ordinances aimed at bikers. The group held a thank you rally for Mayor John Rhodes and city council on Wednesday, June 10th at the Myrtle Beach Train Depot. Bikers and their supporters were there to protest the city's anti-bike rally laws. Advanced Protection Services LLC officers were on hand to provide security for the event and protection for Major John Rhodes there were no incidents at the event.

October 29, 2009 - At the Annual Meeting Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce awards luncheon at the Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center. Armed Advanced Protection Services LLC officers were on hand in plain clothes to provide executive protection services at the event.

Advanced Protection Services LLC has been chosen to provide Armed Security Officers for the Myrtle Beach Coin Show bi-annually, since May, 2009.

Advanced Protection Services LLC has provided in 2009 and 2010 Armed Security Officers for the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce Summer Sun Fun Festival and the Fall Beach Boogie & BBQ Festival.

April 8, 2009 - Advanced Protection Services LLC is recognized by the South Carolina Workforce System and presented The Palmetto Workforce Partnership Certificate, and nominated for the Palmetto Workforce Partnership Award which acknowledges significant contributions to the workforce system. APS continues to utilize and support the Coastal Workforce Center. Advanced Protection Services hires many returning military personnel most of whom are on active reserve status.

March, 2009 - After a shooting that happened outside Club Kryptonite on Hollywood Drive in Myrtle Beach when a bouncer attempted to break up a fight. The owners contracted Advanced Protection Services LLC to provide armed protection officers to patrol the parking areas surrounding the club.

October 10, 2008 - Advanced Protection Services LLC is contracted after a shooting that took place at Derriere's Gentlemen's Club at 4:13AM in the rear parking area.

September 24, 2008 - Advanced Protection Services LLC joins the Horry County Task Force against Violence, a coalition bringing members of the business community, law enforcement, Horry County government, Horry County Schools, media, and Community Health Services Agencies together to address violence and teen crime in our communities.

Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce
KKP Security
KKP Security
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Ron Fussell - Director, Zhongderstand Ltd., Vancouver, BC

Dear APS:

The Personal Security Detail provided by APS at today’s event far exceeded my expectations. The speed with which your organization completed the threat assessment and established a security plan was assuring, but your PSD then went even further by contacting me promptly to step me through that plan. The PSD then met with me to outline steps he had taken to minimize the possibility of assault at the event site. Upon arriving at the location of the event, he kept me informed of developments which could impact safety via texting my mobile phone. His dress and professional manner left him inconspicuous and he reacted appropriately and in a non-threatening manner when suspect parties got too close to the protected individual. I would recommend your Executive Personal Protection service to any manager or executive who needs an added level of security, whether that protection requires an escort to an airport or arranging security for a complex event like today’s.

Thank you.

Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce

Subject: Beach Music Festival-Thank You Again

SisBro Properties - Myrtle Beach

Advanced Protection Services has been performing security for us since November of 2009. They have done an excellent job with the property. They have helped us clean up problem areas as well as given the tenants a sense of security. The property has been much quieter since we hired them.

Jerry Mishoe, SisBro Properties

Inverness HOA-Myrtle Beach

The purpose of this letter is to recommend Tim Retter and Advanced Protection Services to the highest level of professionalism. Tim has worked as a security agent for our housing development for the last two years. He has been available and courteous in all situations. He has taken a personal touch with most of the residents. Most know and like him as a personal friend that they can depend on as needed. Tim and Advanced Protection Services are the best security service we have had in the past six years.

Chuck Rhome, President-Inverness HOA

LITUS* to Let-Myrtle Beach

We have been under current contract with Advanced Protection Services since April 2010. In comparison with past experiences security companies, APS has given our Association a higher quality and level of security. APS has quality officers that are devoted to the company’s objectives and dedication of superior customer service. The association is given without fail, a daily report from the officers of what was observed on the property. In the event of an emergency the association’s Property Manager is contacted immediately and given complete details. We highly recommend with great confidence Advanced Protection Services.

Lynn Y. Edmonds, Property Manager LITUS* To Let

Senor Frog’s Myrtle Beach

I am the general manager of Senor Frog’s Myrtle Beach. I had the opportunity to work with several employees from Advance Protection Services, LLC. We subcontracted this company out in particular to carry out all security related duties on our premises.

APS’s staff was always pleasant to work with and always demonstrated teamwork skills. The company’s employees were extremely dependable and were able to work together with Senor Frog’s employees professionally. All members of APS were responsible employees and had a positive attitude toward working hard. This company’s staff also had an exceptional ability to identify unruly or intoxicated patrons and to solve the problems in a professional and appropriate manner.

I highly recommend Advance Protection Service, LLC to assist in any type of security function. This company has proven to have the necessary skills to work with others and offer assistance to coworkers and customers. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Gerardo Lomeli
General Manager

Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce

Subject Beach Music Festival-Thank You Again

With only a short three day notice, APS did an excellent job of getting all shifts required covered and as usual staffing them with very capable, very professional, very helpful and always enjoyable guys to be around; a feat in which I know is not easy to do during this time of year; especially on a Saturday night. I got to meet a couple of your new guys and thought they were a great addition to your crew as well. Just like your crew I’ve gotten to know from prior events, they were always willing to help out without me having to ask- something I know and can appreciate that you guys do not have to do. I also appreciate that even in the dead heat of the day when a guy is stuck "watching sand" I have never heard one of your guys complain. APS is the security firm that is head and shoulders above the rest.

Julie Sluss, Festivals and Special Events Manager MBCC

Harvey SC Holdings, LLC-Surfside

I would like to take this opportunity to thank APS for the excellent service your firm has provided to our company.

We have asked your firm to provide a wide range of services ranging from personal security details, property/asset security services and eviction services for unsavory and potentially dangerous characters at one of our commercial projects. In providing these services, your highly trained officers were very professional, thorough, very astute to the particular situations and authoritive when the situation called for it.

APS has continually far outpaced our exceptions, our firm will not hesitate to call Advanced Protection Services in the future when the need arises.

Todd S. Lechtenberger, Managing director

Derriere’s Gentlemen’s Club-Myrtle Beach

Our company has contracted with Advanced Protection Services for outside perimeter security on our nightclub property. APS has provided quality service in a very professional manner, and have discharged their duties to our highest satisfaction. I can recommend their security service without question, and would be happy to speak to any perspective client as a reference.

David J. Bean

Rice, MacDonald, Breeden & Hicks, P.A. Attorneys at Law

I’d like to thank you for the excellent job done by your staff at the Thank You Lunch organized by the Take Back May Committee for the City Council of Myrtle Beach.

As you know the situation was a little volatile. The biker group had a plan to intimidate the guest, disrupt the affair and discredit our elected officials. The organizers were a little concerned going in. We wanted everyone to be safe and to avoid conflict and disruption.

From the moment your personnel arrived our concern was gone. They asked for guidelines as to how the affair was to be handled and made useful suggestions. They then enforced those guidelines firmly, but professionally and politely. A potentially volatile situation was diffused. The event went on without incident.

Interestingly, I read comments from many bikers the next day. Although your team figured prominently in their discussion, they said nothing negative about you. Even they said you acted in a professional, but no nonsense manner.

The biker group showed up, but due to the presence of your professional staff, they were unable to create any meaningful disruption. The crowds felt safe and poured in. The event was an overwhelming success.

You did a superlative job. I can assure that the next time I need security, yours will be the company I will call!!

H. Tom Rice, Jr.

Kalik Hospitality, LLC

As Property Manager of multiple properties in Myrtle Beach, SC I was very pleased that I chose Advanced Protection Services, LLC to perform security for us starting in March of 2009.

Additionally, whenever there was an emergency situation, I was always called in a timely manner, which was particularly important to me given that I was located 100 miles away from my properties. APS went out of their way for me, even letting individuals into the buildings for me when I could not be present.

I would highly recommend this company for security services and would utilize their services again if I am managing properties in their area of service.

David Kalik, CHA

Myrtle Beach Coin Exchange

It is our pleasure to recommend Advanced Protection Services, LLC.

We have had occasion to utilize their services for multiple events in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Due to the overwhelming value of products on the event site, it is pertinent that the security company be adequately trained, alert and attentive throughout the contracted time.

We are impressed by the courteous staff and prompt response to our needs.

David Quante

Advanced Protection Services is a leading armed security guard company offering special event security guards, armed security guard patrol services with well-trained, security personnel serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tuscon, Yuma and Flagstaff, Arizona as well as Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Columbia, Greenville and Florence, South Carolina. Areas of service include residential, construction, high threat environments, commercial properties, hotels, special events, manufacturing, multi unit housing, industrial, officers, retail, public sector, critical infrastructure, financial institutions and entertainment.